Monday, September 20, 2010

11sep the first day in Bkk=)

the first day in bangkok was full of surprises=)

on our way to the land of smiles, many surprises awaiting the bdae girl=)

he held my hands when the plane tk off, he pat me to slp while i lie down on his thigh=) poor bf, end up with numb leg ! HAHA

on our way to our hotel!

first drink in bangkok! teh peng! my fav drink of the trip!

first meal of the day~ bar chor bee hoon soup.

the hungry boy! had an additional chicken rice. HAHA

the surprise in our room~

and the super huge bouquet of roses sitting on the living room's table=)

arranged by my mr right.

damn yummy!

he had the first mouth of otah-.- i thought his goin to feed me. wth.

hotdogs everyday. omg.


which girl dun love bird nest?

bf buying 'birdkenstock' HAHAHA. but quality stil good k... better than birkenstock...

foot massage .. massage all the way till clock strike 12 to my bdae. song bo~

back to the hotel, the surprises continues=)

100% handmade by bf!!!

he noes i love anything with flowers, lace, purple and ribbons. HHAHAH oh and with his face.=D

and he specially got bestie to prepare dis lil surprise for me=D touch to the max

ultimate love for this mini album!!!!!!! full of love n memories=) thank you sweetheart!


how i wish im in bangkok now!!!!!!!!!
my baby! thank you for everything.....

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