Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DAy 2 in bangkok~

we end up at the lucky buddha temple that one of the local introduced =)

and oso we did a little prayer at the famous erawan shrine. =)

the building that was burnt down during the riot.

my favourite quail egg at chatuchak! yums!!!!!!!
bf buying my favourite food!!=)

and at this time blogger decides to be a bitch and refuse to let me upload photos again. seriously. wtf. ive been wanting to post up photos of my trip and this bitch jus refused to budge. -.-
im in munich right now and jus got back from my late lunch + alil window shopping. i gave sightseeing a miss even though it was my first time here. the weather was too cold for me to enjoy and weather was forecast to be drizzling for these few days. oh well.. theres plenty of chance to be here so next time then~
was doing some groceries shopping at the supermarket and we girls got alil crazy at the gummies section. they have a huge range of haribos gummy in big n small packets and super huge tubes of gummies all arrange nicely on the shelves, and our conversation goes like this,
mindy: OMG. the haribos damn cheap la!!!! 59 cent( euro) per pack lor!
me: OMG ! sg sell like 1 pack 3 -4 dollars LOR!
joan: eh OMG OMG!!!!
me: my bf loves it man!!! i wan to buy!!* starts grabbing a few pack into my basket*
joan: EH MY BF OSO!! OMG *throw in a few pack to the basket*
ok next, we walked to the chocolate section
me: eh which one ar!!! the chocolate crew always buy!
mindy: DORR THIS THIS *points to the 6-8 tubes of chocolates in her basket*
joan: YAYA *points to the 5 tubes of chocolate in her basket*
me: WAH SERIOUS AR! okok! *grab 4 tubes to try*
not yet finished,
joan: WAHHH!! bounty chocolate!! my bf fav!!*throw few packz in*
mindy: WAHHH!!! this one my bf like!! *throw a few packs in*
me: WAH KINDER BUENO!! BF LIKE! *throw a few packs in*

so in the end, our basket ends up with lots of junk food that our bf likes. -.-

hahahahaha! i find it damn funny leh. no meh? i realised that everywhere we girls go we always look for things that our love ones like. no matter how expensive we will also buy. like stinge on ourself and splurge on our love one. no? haha jus like tml! im goin to buy a birkenstock for my mum=D shes been complaining that i din get a fake one for her in bangkok after seeing tt my bf got one. its ok mummy! IM GETTING A REAL ONE FOR U! hahahahaha=) tml gona be a shopping day!!! i saw this nice bracelet from swarovski!=D hohoho!

ok~ gtg continue with my hk drama=D


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