Saturday, October 9, 2010


damn yummy fish steamboat dinner with bf n mummy=)) feel so happy that both of them get along so well~ wee~!

october is goin to be a busy month for me. packing up and moving into a new house. leaving this house that i have been staying for 22 yrs. so many memories in this house, so many memories in this neighbourhood. the bus stop, the market, the macdonald, the coffeeshop all fill with my childhood memory. mummy rewarding me with a happy meal after cross country run in sch, mummy accompany me to tk the sch bus early in the morning, and as im typing this im smiling=)

as i was packing up my room, i came across many letters and autograph books from my frens. from primary sch, to secondary sch, to poly frens. how i miss those days in sch, where all we worried about was the grades we get, and what to eat for recess time. writing each other encouraging notes and letters during the olevel, and practise hard, staying back during the syf. oh well, everyone grows up now, leading a different life. be it working, or studying in uni , i believe all of them are doing well =) and me?i already fufilled one of my childhood dream and i will continue to soar, high up in the sky. one day, when i feel that i can leave it behind me, i will be away to pursue my other dream. =) to get a degree...

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