Monday, September 28, 2009

back from brisbane~

i was activated for a brisbane flight with my batch girl eve! it was an enjoyable flight with nice n fun crews. eve's fren was very nice to bring us out for dessert n shopping too! =D

yeah man... the call up disrupted my another brisbane flt which was supposed to depart today . a blessing in disguise man.. i was trying hard to give away the flt cause of some ppl on flt. tskkk.. heng ar. now i jus pray tt my another standby wil disrupt my adelaide flt so i can go for lesson...!

im am so busy nowadays. off days were well spent. going out with frens, chilling out, shopping, spending time with family.. =D better than ever and i enjoy every minute of it now!!!!=) life goes on ~~

ok im gona slp now!!!

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