Monday, September 14, 2009


i got sooooooo many celebrations n so many fotosssss n i duno where to start from! i cut 4 cakes ! i drink like a fish n vomit like a merlion. i i i i lose all my image in front of my frens...super tak glam.. but i enjoyed myself n i glad i din had chalet HAHAHAHAH

i love my frens!!!!!!

ok i wil show off my present first n more fotos on other day!


from my dear aunty yvonne =)

jian wei delivering my bdae present!

a cosmetics travel pouch!!! super love it to the max! cos im looking for one but cant find any chio one! n now i got one~!

another tiffany from my god ma, grandma, aunties n uncles

2nd n 3rd tn co from my dear nana, lili n buddy.. another bracelet from aunty jessica.. earrin from bf ..chocs from kenneth and lychee champagne from carol! n another chio pouch from bird n vivian!

i love hearts!!!
thanks everybody!

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