Sunday, September 20, 2009

thank you

sometimes, time and environment change a person.

the exposure, the experience gains affects a person thinking and expectation.

well, thats part n parcel of growing up.

this few days my emotions went through a roller coaster ride. perhaps its jus like what one of my colleagues said, its jus like a bungee jump. before u jump u doubt urself, you fear n hesitate, when u make the first move n jump, ur emotions went through a roller coaster ride, and when its over u realise it wasnt that difficult in the first place and u overcome the fear.

im glad i had lots of friends around me, being there for me and understanding me. nv once did they doubt my decision but stood by me and support me. thanks for all the love and care showered on me. its a blessing to have u guys here=)

i would also like to thank the special him who had been with me these past 3 words can describe my gratitude towards him and oso no words can describe how sorry i am to disappoint him.

now, im embarking on a new journey myself and i know i can do it well and concentrate on things i want to achieve in future.