Thursday, September 3, 2009

baileys love~

i got pam to help me get baileys from the dfs when she got back from her holiday. it was supposed to be keep for my bdae but i couldnt resist and i opened it. since then, i been drinking almost every night ever since i got back from dubai. im having my 3rd cup now. its so addictive and i super love the after taste!!! goshhh..

seriously, i cant wait for my bdae. the celebrations with my love and besties and the super love n juicy filled buddies! the crazy crew night out we r going to have n the best thing is my poly n sec sch frens are crashing the party too! and my sq 62 crews are cominggggggggggggg.....woo~ its gona be a super great gathering n party! crazy eugan said that he gonna get 21 jagerbomb to celebrate he n my bdae. HAHA. cool mannnnnn.... i think i wil finish the 1 n he will finish the 20. yah LOL...

=D *happily sipping my baileys~*

and im so looking forward to my nanjing trip on fri~! woo~ i duno why~! maybe because its a short flt! n i got 3 clear day! n gd allowance! n opp hotel got huge shopping mall! n i can go do pedi n mani! n i can shopppp! n n n n n so many nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... HAHAHAHAHAHAH

BUT before tt, im goin to go sch first. hahaha.. ok im starting to type nonsense...booo... n im on the 4th cup of baileys~ *itune playing poker face* muahahah..suddenly i tot of my buddy singing pokerface together with me.. * mamamama* hahahhaha

and now i jus need a stick of vogue/viceroy/marlboro to complete my night


sometime its not the recognition u crave for, not the acknowledgement u crave for, not the attention u crave for.. but the loneliness that crave for some understanding..

k bye~


vnsa said...

angel, will u by any chance, flying europe these few mths?

can help me get Lv?

vnsa said...

ehh but if its troublesome then nvm..=)