Friday, April 30, 2010

1 whole day!

woke up super early this morning to meet my wonder girls at the airport for this very exclusive branded private sales. we were all super excited and all geared up to chiong for the brandeds with credit cards all ready to swipe. BUT! nothing caught our eyes there. wth. LOL. oh well... i manage to stop myself from buying a fendi bangle. HAHA. good job angel! so all of us went to town empty handed and continue our shopping.

thanks bf for accompanying us =) and half way through bf and i left the 2 buddies and off we went to watch movie!! ip man was awesomeeeeeeeee!!!!! i love the wing chun! HAHAHHAHAHHA

i oso noe wing chun ok!!! bf noes im good! =D

we visited the marina bay sand too~!! more pictures of that soon.

im left with 4 hrs of slp b4 i wake up to prepare for flight to perth.


you have become a part of me baby=)

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