Saturday, April 24, 2010

a lil update of my life=)

i realised i dun blog as much as last time anymore. too lazy and too busy laaaaaa..... =x

jus got back from a bangkok flight. 1 word. SHAG. plus im not feeling well man.. its time of the month. make it even worst. the whole of my back n legs were aching like hell. gosh. why mus woman have menses!!!! $%^@!

every1 at home is busy yet excited with the little new member thats joining us in june!!! i love babies!!!!! whahaha but i hate them when they start to become irritating and cry non stop. babies are the cutest when they r not urs and minus all the time, responsibilities and money tt ur goin to 'invest' on them. =x * dun look at me 1 kind k... its true watttttt......*

im goin to defer my sch for 1 yr. i really need a break and relax myself before i go berserk. i have not been resting ever since i graduate from poly. i only had 2 weeks break after my poly final exam and i joined the airline. haven even go on a single holiday trip with my frens or family. the furthest place i went for leisure *not for work* is, jb. yah. so siannnn.. even thou im travelling all over the world but its WORK. theres not much time for me to really walk ard the country, experience their culture and enjoy the sceneries. except for shopping shopping and shopping. till now, other than bags i duno where all my money went man... clothes? i haf tonnes of it but i duno why im wearing the same old clothes every time!!!!!!! HELP ME PLSSSSS......

lifes been good so far.. with joker seet who always talk cock and nonsense with me.. with my bunch of buddies who nv fail to call or msg me.. with my family who nv fail to take gd care of me ... =DDD

so thats a lil update about me?

although theres still times when i feel upset for whatever shit reasons la.. but i learn to take things easy now.. if it meant to be urs, it will be urs... as long as you put in ur 100%, others will feel it. =)

oh ya and recently im so obessed with hair bands. HAHA. super bright colours somemore. and they r freaking cheap in aussie now! like 5 bucks for 5! WAHAHAHAA. lovesss mannnn...... <3

mmm what else..

ok nth much BYE!

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