Sunday, April 18, 2010

my flight cancelled!

no more cheap cheap shopping at primark.

no more angus beef with fiona.

no more yummy char kway teow in london.

no more allowance!!!!!!!!

snow ball of standby now!!!!

my london cancelled!!!!!!!!

wah sian to the max sia. but ok la.. i get to spend more time with my family and boyfriend more=)

the credit card bill i received today almost gave me a heart attack. its time to cut down on spending and start saving. theres so many things for me to save up n splurge on!!!!
theres so many things i wanna buy for my houston trip next mth! coach, kate spade, tory burch, forever 21, victoria secret, bath and body works!! wah alot!!!!!!! factory outlet!!!! and my japan holiday in july~!!! and holiday with bf in august~!!! omgomg.. i shld start saving now!!!!!!

and i think i really love and enjoy my job. even thou i always complain non stop but when i tot of the ' what if'..

what if i quit one day

what if i get married one day

what if what if..

i jus feel so lost and sad .. i nv though of quitting when i first joined, all i though was how to fly high, how to soar, how to promote and work a life time in this organisation... nv ever thought that i will give up this job one day...=( for now i will jus enjoy what i have... still a long way more to go..

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