Thursday, April 8, 2010

the 2 of us=)

been staying over at bf's place this few days. eat prata, ben and jerry's, durian ice cream, bar chor mee, waking up for breakfast, shopping for snacks at 7-11, drinking breezer b4 slp, goin in to jb for match, 1 night stay at scarlet, playing with the huge lantern, steamboat at chinatown, mango and durian iceeeeeeeeeeee~!,japanese buffet, chilling out at the roof top bar... <3 <3 <3
i miss watching you freeze and shout when i refused to pass you the towel.
i miss blowing my morning bad breathe at you in an attempt to wake you up.
i miss you slapping me with.. erm jing gu bang. LOl
i miss stopping you n blocking you when you urgently need the toilet.
i miss the reaction you give everytime i try to poke n tickle you.
im smiling as im typing out this entry=)
im missing you so much now baby!! and im leaving for sydney soon=(
happy time always fly away so past!
baby thank you for all the things you do for me and sorry to upset you in anyway. i put all my heart and soul into this relationship and i will trust you like how you trust me from now on=)
even thou u got smelly foot, the smelliest shit, and loudest snore i still love you~!=D
hugssss xoxoxoxox!

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