Sunday, April 18, 2010

when im in tokyo~=D

im back from tokyo!! make full use of my time to eat shop n slp there. our stay was too short so din managed to go to the town area. but i already spent like almost 500 bucks at the small shopping mall. cant imagine if went shopping in town! but of all the japanese stations we have, my favourite is still OSAKA! shopping and makan paradise to the max!!!

spicy ramen is my mus haf everytime in japan!=D

cute little kitten i saw...

i hate cats. but this lil kitten jus caught my heart.. sibeh cute desu nehhh.... LOL

sleepy pup! looks like bf!! HAHAa the lazy face! opps*run away*

the changing room damn chio sia! and smell damn good somemore lol

nice flora top i got!!

super love flora print!

another top i got!

ive been seearching for this watch everywhere. i cant find it in sg. i cant find it in australia. and its not even in the nixon website anymore!! happened to pass by this surfing shop in tokyo and saw this watch!! super duper happy!!!!!!! its like OMG! i finally found it!!! rahh!! buy buy BUYYY!!! lol.. it a lil bit ex to get in jap but still... very happy to have it now!=D


plus my drystores!! the yummy instant pasta!!! and gummies, sweets and chocs for sweet tooth boyfriend!

mummy saw all the sweets and said,
mus be for boyfriend ar!!! ask him dun eat too much ar! later diabetes ar!!
no wonder so skinny !! eat so sweet tummy got worms! gam cek ar!
-.- LOL

from him to me.
and heres for me to u.
thank you for being there. after a long and tiring flight, all i need is a hug from you. the big big hug you gave, makes me feel so much better now=) and im happy for you baby! work hard and show them your worth more than tt!=)
london on monday~ hopefully my flight not cancel!

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