Wednesday, January 28, 2009

chu san

im back from adelaide.

somehow i feel sad that my cny was not as fun as last yr or as the past. the visiting to relative's house, the big gathering at my house.. etc. it was kinda 'bland'. =( but no choice, the nature of my job requires me to work at weird hours, festive season, weekday, week end.. any day actually. new year, xmas, bdae, vday, anniversary day, cny day etc..

but im glad i had already applied leaves for most of my impt days and i got off day on vday as well! how lucky=) mum's bdae, dad's bdae+ niece bbdae together, anniversary day, my bdae, all applied=) and im goin to do a leave swap and go on a trip to new york city in july with my batch girls!

i had been awake for almost 24 hrs now , felt like floating while i was having dinner at changi village jus now lol.. went to pray at loyang temple with my parents too! pray for a good niu yr=)

tml will be off and the night after tml will be flying off to copenhagen again.... but with my dear elizabeth~!! its a -1 deg down there and i hope my flu will recover asap !!!!

i misssss bfffffffffffffffff.. c you tml~!

and my dear fjjlb!!! reunion dinner on 06 feb FRIDAY~!

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