Friday, January 23, 2009

cny eve~!

dis few days had been busying. visted yang at ttsh together with weili n xy. get well soon boy!!!!!=)

met up with huixin~! weili n xy again n went back prss. its great to see those teachers! esp mrs chua.. someone tt i will nv forget n i even msg her when i got in the airline. haha sharing the gd news with her. cos she noes its my dream since young=) the sch is so beautifully renovated now.. walkin ard the sch reminsing those days in sch.. those tricks n pranks we play on teachers.. those days copying answer from frens.. quarreling with frens.. gossiping..luffin with frens.. quarrel with teachers n rebel against them.. reading cleo during physics.. n making the teachers angry n got a stroke. LOl.. tts bad.. we ever pissed our maths teacher so badly tt she got a stroke at hm. =x

anyway today is new yr eve~!!! tts fast.. i shld be happy tt its my off day n get to enjoy reunion dinner with my family. =) flying off tml night to adelaide.. at least i get to go bai nian in the mornin and be the queen of gambler. LOl


may all of u haf a wonderful cny!!!

lai ar... ban luck ar.. HUAT AR!!! hahaha

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