Wednesday, January 14, 2009

off to jnb

think i dun haf much rest-.- flying off to johannesburg tonight. back on sunday early morning. and sunday events already packed. bf's grandma bd in the evening. mon n tues off den follow by a turn to madras den off again and a manila turn and den its cny!!!

so fasttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

new top CHECKED
new dress CHECKED
new heels CHECKED
new bag CHECKED

ok so everything gd


feb roster out and i deserved a gd rest !! ive got 7 days annual leave from 15 to 21 feb and 14 feb is an off day so its like 1 stretch 8 days no work! already had some event planned but not confirmed. might be flying to taiwan for a short getaway with my buddy jiewei!!!!! since our annual leave coincide! HAHA.. oh and might be goin for another short getaway to bali?batam? or watever with my parents and my aunt. its time for some massage and resort life to purify my mind and soul. haha but everything subject to changes.. nt confirm yet...

my life now is more of living out of a suitcase. packing lugguage is my forte now and im packing it now for my flt tonight.

back to my new roster.. ive got 3 places to visit in the month of feb. SHANGHAI~ =) i love shopping at the supermarket cos everything is super cheap plssssss.. but after the melamine tainted milk incident.. i dun think i can shop in ease at their supermarket now.. lol. MELBOURNE.. other than brisbane perth adelaide. i have not been to mel and sydney yet. so now i left 1 more aussie station not covered.. SHITNEY! and the other place im visiting is.. CAIRO! say hi to mummy and WOW to pyramid! lol. k lame.. i cant wait!=D so now another wonder im visiting ! i had covered grand canyon and now the pyramid.. 5 more wonders to complete!=D

ok.. go catch a nap first.. night world~

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