Sunday, January 11, 2009

my saturday=)

i spent the whole of sat with my bf! his been complaining that i did not blog much of him and nv post any of our photos recently. so here it is! HAHAHAH silly boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

squirrel spotted in holland v!! HAHA. bf say dis is chipmunk.. im like wat? its quirrel.. u r the chipmunk la HAHAa

chipmunk bf.

my love at first sight watch=)
i had a hair cut with erwin and change my hair parting b4 goin bald. lol. love the new look but din tk any pic thou..=p
we caught a movie.. twilight. omg.. so love it.. it makes me wannaa melt n fall in love ! haha tt kinda sweet hunny feeling during the courtship period..muahahah sweet dao~~~~~
and we ended the lovely night listening to the the band, CatsInECradle at indochine singing apologise.. i really love to listen to them sing. =) im planning to spend my 21st bdae at indochine. HAHAHAHA with frens.. live band..booze n finger food. isnt it great?
alrite.. im flying off to bombay later.. yawnn

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