Tuesday, January 13, 2009

wo hui lai le~

wo hui lai le~

all i do in bombay is ..


somehow like the permutation and combination in our maths.

but the answer to dis combination is FAT.

so in total. i finished 2 instant campbell soup.1 instant cup porridge. 1 instant tom yum cup noodle. and 2 ma ti shu biscuits tt my dear batchboy, william got it for me frm KL! its so sweet of him to leave it in my mailbox! and din forget my request for it when he went back kl! =D gan dong dao~~~

anyway they say the roster is out. bluff me lor. make me excited go check n no haf lor! tmd... but aiyah me dis indian crew other than indian countries and some ulu pandan place where else will they rostered me. milan, paris, rome and athen smell oso haven smell of it yet. and my long awaited maledives also haven come ar. qi dao~~~~!!!!!

and i miss tpe!! i hope i have tpe flight sia.. ive got craving for shilin crispy chicken and the authentic taiwanese bubble tea and i wanna go ktv in taipei!!!! shanghai oso not bad.. i wanna go for some massage and cheap shopping in qi pu lu.. auckland oso can !! i wanna go the dfs n get the gucci!! cheap cheap there... seoul oso buay pai!! i wanna stock up my masks from missha thou i haven finish mine !! and visit dongdaemun and namdaemun for pretty clothes!!!! hahaha

think so much.. skali tml check roster come out is all turn turn turn and indian station haiz.. sian half.

its ok.

im flying off to johannesburg, south africa tml. 2nd time there. i wanna go the spa again!! HAHA cheap n gd n shiok!!!!!!!! and i intend to bring sports wear there and hit the gym! IF im not lazy. =p

ok. goin to slp now!


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