Saturday, January 3, 2009

moscow & houston~!

im back from my 10 days moscow n houston trip!!!=)heres some fotos~!

on the way to the houston premium outlet.


grab it! buy it!

resting for awhile. RECHARGE N CHIONG!

2 cars~!

happy shopping girls!

2 car boots fully loaded!

7 happy girls=)

and 2 hungry guys. HAHA

thai dinner=)

back to the hotel..

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victories from outlet

next day lunch at CHEESECAKE FACTORY!

MOSCOW new yr eve drinkin session~!

getting crazy with drinkin games and funny guessing action games

we decide to be a lil crazy n head out for some snowy pictures with our tshirt .. jeans and bedrm slippers! met a horny couple along the way LOl

WAHAHHAHA. ITS FREAKIN COLD LA!! -6deg can u imagine!

preparing for new yr dinner~! the top i got frm the factory outlet n the boots frm osaka~

heres the appetiser only.. the maincourseS is a stretch of buffet and a table of dessert.. was too busy eating n forgot to tk a pic. LOl..

free flow of wine.. champagne and russian vodka..

standard toilet camwhoring pictures=D

the pretty leading and chief=D


jenny farida and me=)

and yvon!

i love dis picture! machiam superstar!HAHAHA

IM GLAD TO SEE JAMIE AGAIN!! hahahahahawe did a flt to auh-jed b4!=D

and so.. we decide to head out with out mini skirt and leggings n tk some snowy picts again!! HAHAHA

failed attempt of jumpin LOl

heels stud with snow. MUAHAH

so this is how i spend my xmas and new yr.=)
finally 2008 had ended.. it was a pretty gd year for me. graduating with As and Bs.. pass my driving license, went on a holiday to krabi and bangkok with frens.. got in the airline and fufiled my childhood dream as a stewardess.. got to noe a great bunch of sisters.. shiuan cass lili serena my dearest buddy jiewei...complete the 3 mth training and pass my 6 mth probation and flying all ard the world now...=) nth more for me to complain..
ive got loving family.. my dearest dad tt fetch me to n fro airport at wee hrs anytime anyday without complain.. a caring mum who look after me and make sure i wont go hungry whenever i got home..a loving bf who makes me smile and luff at silly things he do...and my happy family of fjjlb...=)
i hope 2009 wil be great as well and same to everybody!=D

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