Monday, July 6, 2009


v long nv camwhore leh HAHAHAHAHa
jus got back from dac turn today. touched down early in the morning and slept thru my afternoon. dinner at ritz carlton's cafe vic! buffet dinner~! their specialtes are their durian desserts and theres a special alfresco dining area for u to haf fresh durian specially opened up for u on the spot. BUFFET + DURIAN = eat til u die LOL.. a dinner treat by pamela=) great dinner but kinda ex eh.. 45++ per pax.

pictures of mostly dessert. cos only desserts interest me LOl

happy dad with his durians

daddy: wah girl dis durian small small but open up inside alot compartment leh
me: huh? compartment? hahaha
daddy: ya.. den call wat? not compartment meh
me: eh open up alot UNIT canot meh
daddy: oh ok can.. open up alot ROOM
-.- LOL
typical of me n dad conversation HAHAHA

k bro i noe u love durian LOl

wat? u wanna bring home?

she loves it too!

waraku with bf on one of the weekend=) my dear bf has been keeping dis freakin moustache or beard or watever hair u call it.. lol.. which pisses me off.. HAHAa. so ugly lorrrrrrrrrr.... he tot its v stylo.. stylo meh?????????????

my matcha float=) intro by my dear buddy jiewei!

prawn n scallop pizza~

little neck clam pasta soup!

i haven been lau sai-ing ever since im back from taipei. 4 days liao!! everyday lau sai leh... my tummy doesnt ache.. i nv vomit... i nv feel anything except tt i jus kept goin to toilet n shit out water.. ok sounds gross.. but all the bo zhai pill, charcoal pill n even smecta did not work on me...too much lau sai makes me feel tt constipation isnt tt bad after all Lol.. =( now finally i feel better cos i increase my dosage of smecta to 2 packets!!i hope i recover soon!
tml night i wil be flying off to moscow and houston~ will be back 10 days later! houston shopping! sales~! hahaha will be bringing my lappie along and blog when i haf time!
thats my aim! i will! i can! i mus! do it!
because ii wan to buy a gd camera! yesh! i dun wan those normal point n shoot cam! i wan a gd ! a machiam pro cam! haha.. so i can tk nice chio macro pic of my food i eat overseas~ beautiful n clear scenery foto when im overseas~! smth like a dslr but more compact n lighter~! the one xia xue use like not bad hor... panasonic lumix lx3! any other recommendation ppl?

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