Thursday, July 23, 2009

houston again~

head off to cheesecake factory once we reach houston

me n tiffany=)

daphane n yen chi the hyper girl

my louisana pasta with fried chicken fillet

kate spade not mine la.... help someone to get it.. but i got my mac!

next day! early in the mornin we got our car n set off for our breakfast n shopping day!

driver of the day .. LEONG!

roasted chicken caesar salad

banana cheeseckake wrap with crepes and vanilla ice cream

full n on our way to outlet!

freaking huge forever 21~!

no leh i din get dis=(

din get this too=(

i love this., but i got big tummy=(

yeah i bought dis~ *ka ching*


*ka ching*

no leh din get this

*ka ching*

*ka ching*

on our way to 2nd outlet~! still energetic!

dis 2 girls keep dancing! LOl

secy booty~

shakin shakin~

failed attempt in acting nigga LOL


finally finish posting up on houston trip! stil got moscow trip!=)
wil be flying off to jarkarta early in the morning. waking up at 4am later to prepare for flt!!! staying 1 night n wil be back on sat morning ! sun morning wil be flying off to london~

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