Saturday, July 11, 2009

houston <3

gd morning~~!!!!

houston is shiokness~!

18 of us rented 3 cars and chiong to 2 outlet ytd!

5 tops for myself, 1 top n 1 berm for bf all from forever 21
2 polo tee from polo raph for daddy
2 pairs of sandals from nine west
1 bag from levis * opps i got a bag but its freakin cheap like 11 usd*
2 eye shadow n 1 eyeliner from mac

all less than 500 sgd


went to the crew room for drinking and games til 4 + am in the morning and now im wide awake again ! meetin them soon for lunch n some shopping again~! woo!

tml i wil be flying back to moscow=)

i miss sg so so so damn fuckin sick of salad, pasta n MORE PASTA. wtf.

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