Wednesday, July 8, 2009

in moscow now

hi ppl im in moscow now! paxing up was really a tiring job. i rather work man...

touched down n reached hotel in the noon. knocked out til late evenin and join the crews for some drinking session in one of their room.despite my lau sai and being on medication i stil went ahead. if my mum noes, she sure hackme into 18 pieces . LOL.

im feelin better now. no more shittin out milkshake + beancurd looka like shit HAHA eww soounds gross .. anywaay i jus got back frommy lunch.tiger prawn pasta..sounds shiok eh but dun taste really shiok leh. =( got craving for char kway teow now.sian

wil be flying to houston tml.

ok ppl, any idea for celebrating 21st bdae chalet? was supposed to hold a chalet at changi . the bungalow with seaview..but my dad jus informed me tt he can only get 3-7 sept. but my leave is on 10-14. totally canot fit lor.. =( so any new idea other than chalet.. i dun wan chalet leh.. sweat like mad n so boring-.- was tinking of wala wala... lai lai give some idea!=D

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