Friday, July 3, 2009

updates of foto!

shanghai trip

rainbow at the airport on the way back=)

teppanyaki for dinner on the night we touched down

groceries shopping with eva~

pretty eva!

2nd day lunch at qi pu lu

edwin with his fried rice! hahah

me with my chicky chop~

lugguage half filled with groceries. and of cos its fully filled up with shopping loots when i went back sg=D

Taipei trip!

big suasage at shi lin! LOl

my fav bbq sotong!

my all time fav grilled quail egg! YUMMY!

fahmi, kelvin n me!

fahmi and me!

after our dinner, we split up n go on shopping individually b4 we meet up n go back to hotel!
shop shop shop. im full of buying request from my mum! LOl. have to look for the bakery shop tt shes been craving for ever since i bought back 1 of their bread. was walking the whole of shilin and i finally found the bakery!!!

my buy~=) not much compared to my shanghai buy from qi pu lu! Lol
got 2 top, necklace, bangles, hair accessories for niece, lashes for my buddy, bread for mummy.. and my fav tai yang bing!!=D

i love the necklace! =)
anyway i went back feeling unwell again=( too much junk food from shilin!!! lau sai lor!! until now back to sg already my tummy stil feels weird!!! ROARRRRRR... too much fried mushroom, bubble tea, bbq sotong and mee sua!

was out with bf today! watched transformer and i fall asleep-.- LOl.. first time fallin asleep while watching movie.. its not tt the movie wasnt great its because im too tired!!! bad tummy and lousy slp. my beauty slp was disturbed by the construction of the stupid lift!! all the drilling early in the morning! wtf!!!=(
july gona be a busy mth for me! my off days are almost fully booked! Lol
sat night wil be doin an overnight turn to dahka, reaching sg on sunday morning.
sunday night wil be having buffet with family
monday morning have to go for fitting for new uniform~den afternoon wil be goin for a family fotoshoot. at night have to go for a 10 days flight to moscow and houston.
back on the 16.
17 jul wil be goin for min fei's bdae chalet
18july wil be goin for poly's gathering
19july will be bf day
20 july off to sydney and back on the 22
23rd off
24 wil be off to jakarta and back on the 25th
26 wil be flying to london and back on the 29th!
busy busy july!!!!!!!

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