Saturday, July 18, 2009

KTV outing with the crews!!

881 yen chi!

disgusting bertram!

yen chi with her new kate spade from houston!

k ge mr leong!

muahahha. when we r in houston, the girls found out tt he wear a NO BRAND boxer.. so they drag him to macy and get a CK underwear LOl.. n so yen chi spot check him on ktv day.. yeah he wore his new ck out. HAHA

uncle leong LOl

i duno wat they doin leh

showing off one of his ball.. LOl

sucking the black lil ball in the milk tea LOl

xin fu de nan ren HAHAHHA

concert start liao... LOl

dance lai liaoo...

jing yi sing super duper well man.... damn gd!

its a super duper fun ktv session with the crews!! and its my first outing with crews in sg haha.. sibeh on la.. love them! lets meet up more!!!

scroll down for post on min fei's bdae!
next post wil be moscow n houston photos!=)

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