Wednesday, May 5, 2010



was greeted with the cold strong wind once we got out of the aircraft, a totally different weather from singapore. instead of enjoying the cold weather, all of us were freezing and shivering in the cold, waiting for ALL our baggages to be inspected. they went through every single item in our baggages and i almost dugged a hole to hide my face when they took out my smelly little bolster. -.- thanks lehhhhh.... but lucky they never throw away my food! all the can food i brought like cai xin, ba ding and braised peanuts. muahhahaha

the journey to the hotel was super long due to the early morning traffic jam, my neck almost break when i woke up. went into a coma after i reach my room. super tired can!!!! and i spent my day sleeping away in paris, how nice... *roll eye* now im eating my chicken abalone myojo noodles with ba ding and braised peanuts. sounds quite pathetic to be eating maggie and can food but if u think it the other way~ its totally like the one in hong kong cafe! hahahahah how optimistic siaaa....

its ok. tml!!! tml im gona go out for a walk!!!!! hopefully i can resist all the temptations from lv, gucci, chanel, miu miu~~~~~~~~~~

now im left to rot in the room, staring at the tv watching some stupid french show. -.- because my boyfriend is SLPING LIKE A PIG, SNORING AND HAVING SPASM ON THE BED!!!!!!!!!!and no one call and chat with me on the phoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bored like mad cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn................. but i still love you sweety!=)

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