Monday, May 10, 2010

in a good mood=D

i woke up feeling soooo sleepy and tired, less than 5 hrs of sleep and ive got to work! BUT. duno why i feel so energetic after bathing and soooo ready to work. LOL. let me post one of my favourite foto first...

every girls's love!
alright im gona go work soon!!!! brisbane wo lai le!! its time to have some korean food !! my favourite seafood tofu soup.. yum yum yummmm!!!! ever since eve brought me there, it has become my favourite MUST-GO joint every time im in brisbane. no more boring sub way!! yay=D
and to boyfriend...
THURSDAY MOVIE!=D better change it! karate kid! if not i karate you! HAHAHAHAHAH
and to all mummy~ HAPPY MUMMY DAY!
the look on my mum's face was priceless when i suddenly pop out a bouquet of flowers for her.=) it makes me happy too!

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