Saturday, May 8, 2010

u put a smile on my face

you put a smile on my face with every little thing you do for me. =)

and im gona do something for you too!! shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... hahaha* let you heart itchy! * lol

iron man 2 was good!!!! next we shall watch karate kid ok baby!! =) hugsss!!!!

paris flight back was good with great colleagues im working with. the ppl you work with really do matter! it was so sweet of our leader, grace, to give me and kim each a loccitance handcream ! cherry blossom one somemore! so sweet of her! she said we work very hard so its to reward us! so nice can! =))

and the super blur me forgot to tk my macaroons home!! i left it in my room's fridge. WTF! its from laduree lorrrrrrr..... branded macaroon lor!!!!!! n freaking ex can!!! 8 small pieces cost me 30sgd!!! and smaller than oreo somemore. and lagi dulan is... I HAVEN EAT LOR... T.T
karma for laughing at my buddy who forgot to tk her macaroons in zurich the other time =(

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