Wednesday, May 19, 2010

falling sick ~

its the flu season. everyone around me is falling sick, even i was sick and went on a 3 days mc. it was a horrible night for me, waking up shivering non stop and breaking out in cold sweat. the fever just kept going higher and higher, burnt until i just kept floating in and out of my slp =( and the worst thing was the body ache.. gosh. i hate to be sick!

but sometime being sick makes you feel the love and care that your family and loved ones shower on you. like my parents who kept waking up in the middle of the night to check on my temperature, to feed me my medicine, boil liang teh and cook porridge=) boyfriend who popped by with roses, porridge and liang teh, feed me porridge somemore! totally love to the max!! thank you sweety!

now im recovering and getting stronger!!! i will be flying off for a 10 days trip in a while. off to moscow and houston with my shopping kakis celine! woo~!!

baby=) we were so happy at that time la! this photo jus makes me smile and smile.. and everythings we do, everythings we said i will nv forget=) i love you sweety. wait for me to be back ok!!! hugsss!!!!=D

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