Thursday, May 6, 2010

leaving paris

im leaving paris feeling upset=( i fell in love with a pair of slipper in chanel. its really damn beautiful and look uber elegant but my size went out of stock. now i kept thinking of it and feel damn lousy. i hate this feeling=(((( lucky my buddy will be coming to paris end of the month and shes helping me to get it!!!=))) i hope they still have mine..if not im so going to get it in singapore mannn... dun even noe if they carry that design in sg.. =( ahhhh.. dun care dun care.. shall go check it out when im back!!! I MUST HAVE IT! lol...

but to make myself feel better a little.. i spend less than 100 sgd for this trip.. and din even swipe my card once.. i resist all temptation from LV Dior Gucci Prada.. except for chanel.. which.. haiz.. i cant get it! nabeh..




N BOYFRIEND I MISS U=) flying back to u!

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