Monday, May 3, 2010

my sunday

hows your sunday?

well my sunday morning was spent at rachel's sis spa opening at marine parade. burst my pocket alittle by supporting them and got 1 of their mother's day package which my mum totally not interested when i gave the voucher to her. what the hell. now i duno what to do with the package. -.- thanks lor

my whole afternoon was spent sleeping and waiting for boyfriend to be back from soccer training!! damn nua and lazy for the whole afternoon lol. follow by a dinner and a little chilling out session at one of the cafe nearby.

kinda like the cafe. its was very cosy and they serve good beer! hahaha. the rose beer was my favourite now! with 10% of raspberry juice. =DDD yum yum yummmm
flying off to paris tml and will be back on friday. but im so not looking forward to the flight. i plan to hibernate in my room and not go out at all. yahhh... like what the hell right. hibernate in paris. oh well.. we will see how it goes.. probably i will jus go out to laduree cafe, get a gd cup of coffee + macaroons and laze my afternoon away... mmm sounds gd.. =)
alright gtg and slp now!!! =)
Night ppl~!

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