Sunday, May 10, 2009

back to dubai from moscow!

no im not back to sg yet. i left 1 more sector to go and i will be home n gorge myself to death wif chicken rice, bar chor mee, or jian.. bubble tea! muahahahah

we had a great time in moscow, checkin out the colourful onion at the red sq !more pic of that when im back sg=)

8 days seem long but it flew past so fast ! haha.. the crew were great and we hang out well! working in happy galley really is happy lor HAHA... n its the first time tt ifs joined us for sightsee and zi pai together somemore LOl..

back to dubai..we bath and change out for dinner at ssilver eagle! the food were shiok!!! authentic middle eastern food.. fixed my crave man!! hiak hiak.. and we head off to the hotel pub n drink like a fish lol.. first it was jus a bottle of heneiken and duno why more n more jugs were coming in.. n glasses n glasses of beer jus kp coming in.. haha the whole set of crew were there man.. even the captain and fo( first officer) .. haha..oh and i had a great time playing hai tai quan with nicholas LOL

mr hercules(nicholas) , me n fiona!

michelle face cut hlf!!!! lol

more up when im back=)
flyin back tonight n reaching sg ard 12pm... night flight again!!1
i wan more bird nest n hashimaaaaaa.... lol

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