Wednesday, May 6, 2009

im in dubai now~!

the hotel we staying is superb. love it to the max. everything is so high tech in the rm lol. u can control everything jus by pressing a button=D suits the lazy me. muahahah..n high tech until i duno how to use the washing machine LOl and the electric stove is machiam touch screen one.i admit im a suaku la okkkk
im v depressed today!!! because the 2 ladies *in the foto* tt went shoppin with me bought alot stuff! esp fiona.. she bought like 7or 8 pieces of clothes from zara..forever 21 n h&m... BUT ME?? a pathetic necklace from forever 21.. theres NTH tt caught my eye!!!!-.- maybe i shld be happy huh...
1 more night here n i wil be flying to moscow tml night=)
red sq here i come~!
will only b back sin on next mon n tt means i cant celebrate mother day at my grandma place=( but im really glad to get my mum her first lv bag as a mother day+birthday gift... n she super love it!=D love u mum!!!

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