Monday, May 25, 2009

happy day out with batchies=)

in class!!!!!!

candid.. haha i din even noe dis pic was taken.. haha
photos below were from our happy day out on fri 22 may!!=D

buddy was shocked to see the waitress came in with the cakes=)

posing up all these fotos makes me miss that day!!!! ahahah k-ing all those songs!! the oldiess, the hippies , the screaming n the hokkien song!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA oh my gawddd!!!!

yo - yo sis~! haha

act tai tai using li li's sunglass hahahaha

my signature poseeeeee!!!

i love dis picture!!!!!!!!!=)

standard ''outstation" fotos haha.. which mus include...
tickets (checked)
red nails(checked)
lets go~~!!!!

hahaha we r the F4 wat.. so mus tk with flower... HUA CHI 4... HAHAHAH

my hua chi buddy who share my tk off n landing joke!! LOL *inner joke* WAHAHAH

i think we r the noisest bunch in the cabin hahaha.. n we camwhore non stop.. !!! really non stop... to the extend tt when we complete the rd we went like, EH FINISH LIAO AR! LOL

my dear lili told me that taking pictures facing the sun light will make the complexion ''look'' v gd n so i....


n take

n takke....

and takee.... hahahah wow pimple oso bu jian liao~! LOL

all of them love my signature pose!!! HAHAHAAHAH
and we ''thick-skinly" asked ppl to tk for us LOl.. in the cabin somemore..

thhe foto we got!!! n kept by our bird day girl=)

our swt girl jiewei treated us to waraku~!

got back from hkg today~! n my training flt for jcl was greaT! learnt alot! crews were nice n v willing to teach me and captain even invite me to cockpit for landing!!!! =D

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