Wednesday, May 27, 2009


the doraemons we caught !!

bdae boy bored to tears~ HAHAHAHA

hahaha i rmb ali and bf kept shouting LIANG ZHANG LIANG ZHANG non stop n stil nv change card LOL

dis game damn funny sia.. oink oink.. burp.. maaaaa... popogek and woof woof.. HAHAHAHAa we ended up mimicking the sound like some idiot n luff like mad HAHA

off to manchester tml early morning.. so i gota wake up ard 5am later.. but its ok cos im travelling as a passenger~!!! and workin back.. =) shopping!! sightsee!!! and im reaally happy to change away my delhi and auckland to shanghai and taipei~ wooo!! so for next mth roster i will haf milan-barcelona, shanghai and taipei~! WOO~!
i jus bought a book written by an ex-stewardess janet chew, mile hi club: memoir of a stewardess.. extremely love it!! she flew for 13 yrs and i assume shes a leading stewardess since she said tt she was a complex leader. totally can relate to all her stories hahaha.. those who wanna have an insight of a stewardess life do check out her book eh~!its not jus about coffee/tea eh...haha. its sold out in borders, i got mine from kinokuniya=) abt 22 sgd=)

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