Thursday, May 21, 2009

my favourite=)

these 4 days were a really happy one for us=) its like a get together after 1 year flying. sharing all sorts of funny stories, jokes, gossips and updating each other about our lifes. hahaha.. and the most interesting was, the first day of training everyone was carrying branded bags LOl.. its like a standard item already.. haha.. crews haf alot common items like tiffany ring, mikimoto pen, lv bags, long champ, gucci, agnes b.. almost everyone will haf the same design one .. Lol machiam we requisite one .. fly longer again u can ''requisite'' the chanel liao ... HAHAHAH.. machiam bonus alot like tt... but for dis yr we shld be happy tt theres stil bonus la..
4 days of training really tired us out.. dreading to drag ourself out of bed..counting down to training end every day.. and squeeze with the freaking pack bus..wth.. -.- hate it.. i rather prefer flying! haha
well the end of the 4 days course marks the start to another phase of our career too! jia you all the batchies!!!=D
cant wait for tml outing!

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