Monday, May 18, 2009

shuai dao~~~~

kim hyun joong!!!





dis were the time i slept for the past 4 days. n i woke up at 6.30am to prepare to go for training. im struggling to kp my eyes open in class and cant help thinking about the show. now, i finally complete all the 25 episodes! and i cried like mad in the last few episodes. LOL. its been a long long time since i get crazy over korean drama. LOl. super love dis man!! hana yori dango. i watched the cartoon version , tw version and now the korean version! the korean one is the besttttttt... the F4 is F-ING HANDSOME LAAAAAAA... handsome dao can faint pls!!!!!!

and im super crazy over kim hyun joong now! RAHHHH!!! his the hua ze lei! jitao if im the shan cai i wil faint til canot faint lor......... OMG.. if i see him on my flt i think i will hyperventilate like mad! LOl

ok.. enuff about tt... im goin to slp n go for training tml again. -.-

* ps: happy 21st bdae jie jie=) how r u over there? im missing fact no ones forget u.. i hope u will be happy where ever u are.. love u=)

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