Sunday, May 24, 2009


i spent my 2 off days to the fullest!!!

friday~ met up with my dear batchies! jiewei, serena and lili~! kbox-ed at marina sq, sg flyer and dinner at waraku(heeren)!!! =) and oso to celebrate jiewei's bdae in advance ! im so happy that jiewei loves the surprise that we gave her and she was so touched that she teared! HAHAHA.. i wil blog into details when im free=)

saturday~ met up with my fjjlb!!! celebrate weili bdae!! haha waraku at marina againnnn and kboxed at marina againn.. Lol like 2 days in a row... hahah the initial plan was to go for bowling but the lanes were all full and the waiting list was crazy! haha.. but stil it was a great day out!!! head off to mind cafe at boat quay !=D more fotos when im free~

gtg tk a nap and catch a flt to hong kong... haiz.. nto much hw been done for my training flt!! too much fun dis 2 days. gosh..

im really happy cos i got a surprise from bf! we were shopping ard waiting for the fjs to arrive.. one of the ring caught my eyes! its those princessy kind with roses and blings.. its the only piece but because of some scratches i decided not to buy it. but u noe.. i kept thinking of it and told him tt i wanna get it after kbox.. so after k box when we walk past the shop i decide not to buy again. Lol.. ok la tts me always indecisive laaaaaa.. while on the way to boat quay.. my dear ali want a rubber band to tie her stuff so i search from my bag to see if theres any..den i came across dis little gold pouch, which i tot its my mum's( cos i was using her bag) so i left it aside n continue to look for it.. after im done with all the searching den i open up n see.. its the ring la!!! o.o hahaha.. *stare at bf* LOL... really damn surprise sia..and i din even noe when he got it and how he slipped it into my bag.. LOl.. his plan was to bring me to the shop and make me tot that some one bought it and make me feel disappointed first before i find out when i got home HAHAHAHA...

love u bbbbbbb!!!!!!=)

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