Monday, January 11, 2010

flying off again~

books untouched.

notes undone.

fully utilised my off days for my love, family and frens!!

visited the pet farm with bf! omg. im so in love with the toy poodle. they r so cuteeeeeeeeeee! haha. feel like putting them in my pocket! HHAHAHAHA. not much pictures taken there since photograhpy wasnt allowed=( but stil it was a great day spent with my love! and sherlock holmes was good!

wkend was spent with my parents! brought them to the mahattan fish market and i got my iphone! woo~! followed by the usual la kopi session with the Fjs~!!! more fotos of that soon!

dis was ytd with my buddy! a last min decision to meet up. cos i gota send my iphone for repair. yes. so fast spoil LOl. no la. jus gota restore some of the software in it and its fine now!! =DDDDD

my buddy so pretty ytd lor!!!! love her whole outfit ytd. jitao is branded head to toe! lol. damn tai tai la.. and wat im wearing??? shorts lor. wtf. -.-

sushi tehhhhhhhh
its been awhile since i had salmon sashimi! omgomg. *droollll*

my buddy love salmon skin too! HAHAa. damn shiok.

my loots=D

lovely, isnt it?
the pig skin lining made the flats a darling to wear on the feet! so soft n comfy=D
it was love at first sight... ! floral stuff always catch my eyes without fail man and it was on sales! i think i will nv pay tt price for a pair of flats lor. but good thing is, sales stuff nv fails to catch my eyes too! HAHAHAHHA

off to perth and back on wed! =D

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