Sunday, January 24, 2010

the kiwis~!

im back from auckland and the kiwis are really friendly ppl~! got to know a few local frens through my crew and its a great n fun experience hanging out with them. i will upload the fotos when im free meanwhile jus browse thru my fb for the fotos k! =D its a pity tt my old cam went low batt ! so not much fotos taken. if not ar!! wah lau. cam whore like siao! HAHA. most of the pics are with my colleagues. =)

fun things aside.

my tolerance level hit the limit today . i was at this very close verge of exploding and jus one tinny weeny bit of you-know-what, i swear im so goin to lose my cool and give him 1 fucking tight slap. omg. i love my job. i love my pax. but sometime is the ppl you work with makes you feel tt you lose your passion. my goodness. but i still believe tt there are 99% of nice one ard. jus that recently a bit suay, kp meeting that 1%. well, at least my tolerance level increase again.


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