Friday, January 1, 2010

last night of 2009~~!

my last night of 2009~

a pleasant surprise =)

xmas tree full of bear!~

u wont get thirsty here...

the ladies~


lobster bf!


sexy boysssssssssssssssss


cute couple la!

bf so cute too!

my bf got new bf!

all the girls!

2008 i graduate. got my driving license. got in SIA. pass my probation and flying high. a super wonderful year for me.
2009 a year filled with uncertainties and doubt. im still flying, enrolled in a sch, schling part time n flying full time. end up all tired and sick of sch. LOL. omg.~
i went thru an emotion roller coaster ride made a decision to end a 3 yr rs. and then unknowningly fall for someone tt can make me smile to myself just by reading his msg over n over again, switch on n off my hp when i nv recieve any. waiting in front of the comp like an idiot for him to be online, stalk his fb sometime* ok everytime* LOL. and finally got into a rship with him=) i think tts the best thing tt ever happen in 2009!
2010. i wont set a goal. i wont set an expectation. i will jus try my best in everything and anything la!!!!=D
and including you baby. our 2010 2011 12 13 14 2100!!!!!=D

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