Wednesday, January 6, 2010

in denmark right now

im in denmark right now. experience the first snow of the year. snow was about 5cm thick onn the ground. cars were all covered with snow. air was a little too cold till it was hard to breath. im glad im now hiding in my blanket all warm n cozy=) slept a straight 16 hrs. from boyfriend goin for dinner till he got back home, slp, wake up again for work, going to work till he goin to finish work. THE GIRLFRIEND IS STILL SLEEPING! lol.

ive got books, magazines, and alot other stuff to keep me occupy here. but i was so lazy to even read my mag.all i wanna do is to snug in my bed, online n watch tv LOL. lazy to the max!

heres some foto !!!

steamboat with my family! im glad they enjoyed themselves=)



think dun look like me ar? but chio leh!

ktv with ali the other day!

girlll thanks for waiting for me to do my pedicure!!!=D

n guess wat! we wore the same thing tt day! tube top! telepathy!~

got feel sia!

LOL.. singing n massaging siaaaa!!!

more feel than me lor!

i wanna be home sooonnnnnn=)
i miss the food. i miss my home. and most imptly, i miss you boyfriend=)
and im happy that my family love you too!
a great start of the year for me!

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