Thursday, January 28, 2010

our chinatown trip!

our first trip to chinatown was full of fun and laughters. fooling ard in the mueseum. stuffing ourself we steamboat, walking ard the bazaar and eating free dessert =D lol

i will let the pictures do the talking!

henpecked ! HAHAHA

come home late again n u will get it!=x


i can sew okkkkkk

i can wack oso....

very hard somemore... LOL

he was laughing at me doin laundry for my mum tt morning. NOW his doing it. HAHA

ppl always say when you find the right one u will feel it and i always wonder hows the feeling like. now i feel it.
its when you wake up, his the first person in your mind.
its when you r happy, his the first person you want to share your happiness with.
its when you r upset, his the first person you want to go to.
its when you r out shopping, everything you see you want to buy a share for him.
its when you r alone, you think of the happy moments spent tgt and start smiling to urself.
its when you r with your friends, you feel proud and happy to introduce him to them.
its when you r enjoying youself, you hope his there to enjoy it with you.
its when you r working, you still think of him and wonder whats his doing at the moment.
its when you r lonely and away from home, u still feel love and smile looking at the pictures taken tgt.
it when you see a happy family, you picture urself having a family with him too.
its when you r with him, you jus want the time to stop and hope tt moment last forever.
and yes, its when im with him, i feel that i have found my right one. =)

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