Saturday, January 16, 2010

im in zurich!

im in zurich again! the feeling of being in zurich now was different from the last time i was here. tt time i was dieing to leave singapore. this time i was dieing to leave zurich and be back to singapore. LOl

flight here was pretty good worked with nice collegues nice passenger.jus that the time we worked makes us all very tired and sleepy... when everyone was slping, we were working against our body clock, fighting to kp our eyes open and still have to smile...-.-

well all i wanna say is, sometime its good not to dwell on the past so much. rather than kp saying '' those were the days'', ''last time is so different'', ''now ar canot compare to last time'', THOSE ARE PAST TENSE. -ED!omg, i jus cant stand it. rather than looking back and comparing the present with the past, why not look forward and see what you can do to change it or if not find a way to adjust to it? last time last time.. LAST TIME MA TA CHENG TEH KHOR AR!!! now police oso wear long pants liao. buay ta han sia. i feel like giving tt fella one fucking tight slap on his bloody face. act like he damn zai damn on.. not even a green lor wanna act like a green. wah lan eh. jitao piss off. come on. get a life la. if u so wan to go back to those good old days than fucking teleport back la.

ok . rant finished already


think only my wondergirls noe what im saying and how i feel. rahhhhhhh.

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