Sunday, January 17, 2010

im boredddd

alone in zurich. i do appreciate this little 'me' time sometime and even having maggie mee with luncheon meat makes me feel happy and contented=)


im getting bored now. im missing home, missing my friends and it sucks not being able to be there for your loved ones when they are having a bad day... boooooo

when im back i will be busy cramping my little brains with books and notes for exam the next day and tuesday will be a shopping day for me n bf=D cny clothes!!!! wed will be off to auckland. another boring trip which i will be sleeping my day n night away. -.- yawns

im in a super shopping mood now! online shopping is definitely a no no for me. been cheated SO MANY TIMES by the lousy quality and the clothes totally dun look like those in the pictures =( i dun wear them more than once, some are still left untouched in my wardrobe. learnt my lesson. =( but i saw one quite chio lehhhhh and been looking for it since duno when.. should i try give it one last chance? =x

im goin to tk a nap now. then wake up study a lil, pack up and fly back sg=D cant wait cant waittttttttttt=)

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