Monday, January 4, 2010

im happy=)

ytd was a great day out with my lovely girl. its been awhile since we sing like mad woman openin concert. LOl. and we had a lot of gossip n girls talk! omg. its was really a great meet up with my ali baba!=D love u woman!

and today was another happy day with bf=) fetching my mum ard to see my niece and pop over my place for dinner. i think it was quite funny to see dad like ''interviewing'' bf. but well, everything turns out great!=D

now im flying off to copenhagen *again*. im goin to hibernate!!!! =D n hopefully do some studying. will be back on fri early morning! n tt shall be my motivation of the week cos im goin to the farmmm with my 'the one'!!!! =D rahhhh!

everything seems wonderful with you ard=)

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