Monday, March 15, 2010

before i went to london

din tk much pictures in london. but i went to the picaddily circus. nth special about the place except for the huge neon signboard which pales in comparison with those in osaka, shinsabanshi area. pics in next post!=D

celebrated my darling xin's bdae last week. it was a last minute meet up. i hope she enjoyed her day even thou i left early=) love u sweetie n happy 22~~~!!!

how can meet up with no camwhore pics!

we took tonnes of super lame n funny videos! but i duno how to upload-.-

headed off for bf's match! =D

3rd place!

the happy boys!

i still rmb the first day we met, the first date we went, the first time we kissed and the first time u held my hands. its the 5th month we r tgt, and i nv regret being with you=) thanks for all the love and care, and all the effort u put in to make me smile=) i love you baby!!!! happy 5th month!!!

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