Thursday, March 11, 2010


even thou im so faraway, i know your still here for me=) thank you baby..! wait for me to be back n we will catch a movie n shop shop!!muahahah

london is freezing cold now and i always duno why nv bring enuff clothes for winter. sian. LOl. now pound is really low.. so its gd timeto shop!!HAHAHAHA im copin with jet lagged now. its 916am here which is 516pm in sg... -.- tts why im awake nowwww...rahhhh

ytd my rm was freezing cold cos my window cant be closed,i was shivering likemad and tt maintenace guy took forever to come up. really was angry like mad womannn.. hmphhhhh...luckily its fixed now! but im stil feeling cold cos i duno how to adjust the ac in my rm . -.- thanks lorrr

alright shall start on my proj now ! meetin up the crew later for the famous duck rice and shopping HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA

this weather makes me miss you more.. miss ur warmth.. miss ur hug and miss ur kisses ...

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