Sunday, March 21, 2010


i love overnight flight. it can be tiring to work against your body clock but everyone was sleeping so theres nth much u can do. opps=X

sad thing about this flight was, i din noe that its an almost 8 days flight. i tot its the 6 days flight pattern. sianess to the max. =( esp in this bird dun lay egg country. wah lauzzzzzz

lucky i got kakis tt i can click! so both of us went to the huge huge dubai mall to do some shopping n get bikini for tannin. yea tannin in dubai sounds crazy n we r probably goin to get chao tar BUT the weather is weirdly cooler than the other time i was here. i din sweat at all when im out eh? anyway, smth happy about the dubai mall was the candy shop! i feel like a little girl again!! goin crazy withh all those gummies, chocs, candies, lollipops, marshmallows!! so colourful, so many patterns and cute designs! its a pity we cant tk picture in there, if not we sure went crazy inside. and tts when i tot to myself, if only bf is here, we will tk pics n pose even when no photography allowed. we will act as if we duno n look damn apologetic when we r stopped. LOL. bf i misssssss youuuuuuu=(((((

off to istanbul tonight n dere wont be any internet. yawnnnnnnnnnnssssss

i wanna go home quick!

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