Wednesday, March 3, 2010

those were the days=)

i was stressing myself out studying for tml's exam when i received a msg that BIE's is having a yearly gathering on the 5th of june. was contemplating if i shld go for the gatheing when our dear jing ting msged me! haha.. so many of us going! me, jt, zy, jw, david, qis.. n moreee.. so why not! i miss them so so much la!!! it was great to recieve call from zy too! omg la we still got so much to crap ! HAHAHAa. and i din noe you stil read my blog lor...

the 3 guys that do lotsa craps, jokes and look after me n darling jt! haha.. eh got look after us meh? think more like bully us! HAHAa

omg!! miss them so much LOl. always look fwd to sch cos of them.. n who noes they start skipping lectures more n more often! .. tsk.. n the reason of skipping lectures? go to eat nasi ibrahim at design or chicken chop plus egg plus duno wat at mensa.. LOl!

zhiren!!! she still haven turn straight la i think. HAHAa. my failed attempt of turning her straight lorrrrrrr... stupid woman!

who else? my darling jingting. sibeh aunty to the our mummy nag non stop but still as lovely! every chu 1 and chu 15 will eat vegetarian.. and den will go to duno wat 3 step kneel down once tt kinda ceremony LOl.

qis? the one who loves to walk ard bare footed in the CU and stink everyone with the smelly foot. HAHAa. but she makes great potato salad and fruit tarts! nv fail to quarrel with kay .. but everytime they quarrel!!! its a comedy to us! HAHA

our mp project!!!! stupid kay who bakes really well but not for us.. FOR SOMEONE ELSE. lol


dear zy who skip sch and went to the mac private sales with me! went to sch, clock in, chiong to sales, back to sch, clock out! LOL

my favourite ladiesssssssss!!!!

at top table having 'fine dining' which is not very fine=DDD

doing stupid things like this!

and this!

playing netball/capt ball for i-cant-rmb wat event every yr!
i still love BIE even thou the diploma brings me to no where. rubbish course with rojak modules and fuck up projects but but but.. i got great frens, great lecturers and loads loads of happy memories=))))
the bus stop and reservoir for smoke break, the mushroom for meet up,library level 7 for fashion show,engine concourse to see db's handsome guy LOL.. mensa for kway chap n fish soup n western food, design for malay food, biz sch for chio bu, itas for claypot rice, breadboard for bee hoon, short circuit for bee hoon soup and hot dog bread!!! rahhhhhhhhh....
cant wait to c u guys on the 5th!!!!!!! woooOo!!!!=DDDDDD

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