Friday, March 19, 2010

leaving tonight!

im flying off again for 1 wk and be back on next friday. this time to dubai and istanbul. the last time i did a dubai-istanbul flight was yrs ago which was a super horrible flight that even till now when i heard of the flight it will make me shudder and hair stand. oh well, those were the junior days when you got f upside down even when a thin strand of hair is out of place. tts the most extreme one that i ever experience.

so i jus hope for the best tonight!=D hahaha..

in dubai i wanna go dubai mall for shopping!!!! go zinc for drinking!!!

in istanbul i wanna go blue mosque for sighseeing!!! go bazaar for hibiscus tea!!

i pray n i hope i got sibeh on set of crew!!! =D


hopefully la~

everyone ard me is starting to leave the job. for better job, better future, better pay and many other reasons.

i saw kenneth's msn nick and it says,

" i wan career satisfaction. not how fast i can load my tray."

it got me thinking.

like many others, when we get comfortable with the job, with the lifestyle, with the money, it makes us hard to leave the job. to a point that we jus do for the sake of doing, we got robotics, we complain this complain that, we forgot why we got in, we forgot the passion we said we have.

kinda lost about my future now leh..

when i see all my friends studying, i oso jump in the wagon and start schling. end up, i cant concentrate in work, cant concentrate in sch. i wanted a degree badly but my heart is not there. i wanted to give up but i already dump in almost 10k. and yet im not confident of getting gd result. what the shit am i doing man...

now when i see my frens quitting, starting a new job and better future, im having doubt with what i have.. -.-

how like that...?

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